Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch at Cornelius Nursery

Today we went to Cornelius Nursery to pick out some pumpkins to carve and get some plants for our home. What a beautiful nursery! There was a nice selection of plants and lots flowers in bloom, all looking very well-tended. The staff was helpful and friendly. Many people had brought their dogs and we met a sweet Miniature Schnauzer.

Gracie was taking it all in, so much color!

Art picked out some decorative squash.

I love the stem on this one.

We came home with three pumpkins that will soon become jack-o-lanterns.

 I picked out some pansies and planted them as soon as we got home.

It's nice to have some color in the yard...

...and in the house. I chose an African Violet with ruffly pink blossoms...

...and a hoya, which I haven't grown before.

Some of the leaves are a very pretty pink, new growth I think.

I'm happy to have such a great nursery so close to where we live!

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