Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our Courtyard

Over the weekend we started to get our little front courtyard deck in shape. I had to replace a bit of lost hardware on the blue chair, and luckily I found what I needed in my jar of nuts, bolts and washers.

The empty pots are ready to be planted with bulbs. We chose Ranunculus, Tulips, and two varieties of Daffodils. 

I didn't find any plants I wanted at Home Depot, but I did find these colorful pots. I finally planted the succulents I brought with me from California. These cuttings of Elephant Bush, Jade, Euphorbia and Aloe have been rooting in water in the kitchen.

We don't have many plants yet, but we do have a collection of treasures including this little bird,

a stained glass butterfly,

a frog that's also a candle,

this flower made out of spoons,

and the man in the yellow shirt, who's made out of recycled metal.

I did some research and found a good place to shop for plants, Cornelius Nursery. It looks like they have a good selection of pumpkins, too, so a visit to this nursery may double as our trip to the pumpkin patch since we need something close and easy for Gracie.

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