Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Daisy Birthday Party

Gracie turned 6 and asked for a Daisy party for a small group of friends.

The Decorations

She decorated with a daisy garland.

I used this Flower Punch on tagboard, yellow pompoms and green chenille stems to make daisies for decorations.

Pretty balloon, plates and cute napkins!

The Activities

I wanted daisy colors so I separated them out from the bag of multicolored pony beads.

Ideas for daisy crafts jewelry.

How to Make a Daisy with Beads

A daisy made with beads.

We covered the coffee table with craft paper for the kids to decorate.

A butterfly flutters in the daisy garden.

Almost hidden beanbags in plastic pots, ready for a relay game.

Gracie asked for a piñata and so we bought this Flower Piñata...

And transformed it to fit our color scheme!

Treat bags for piñata goodies.

The Food

Gracie's plan for her cake.

Frosting from the beater is a great treat!

The daisy cake.

Cookies for favors.

Happy Birthday!

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