Saturday, March 21, 2015

Egg + Flower = Strawberry (Cookie)

Red Strawberry Cookie by Nina's Show & Tell

Gracie's birthday is coming up and she's having a Strawberry Party. Of course we will need cookies for favors.

Pieced Strawberry Cookie by Nina's Show & Tell
I used an egg and a flower cookie cutter to create the shape I had in mind.

The flower is from a set of fondant cutters, and it was perfect for this! Notice that I used the complete flower and cut out part of the egg. The seam between the pieces is much more stable this way, especially when the cookie is iced with royal icing, which acts as a great stabilizer once it's dry.

Red Strawberry Cookies by Nina's Show & Tell
The cookies are baked, decorated, individually bagged and in the freezer, awaiting the special day.

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