Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ginger Snap Pogens

Do you remember Ginger Snap Pogens?

When I was growing up in Southern California in the 70s and 80s, these were a delicious store-bought treat. They were thin, crisp, and spicy, and in the shape of animals with minimal detail, often just an eye poked into the dough.

Pogens Inspired Gingersnap Cookies by Nina's Show & Tell
I made these using this Pogens Gingersnaps Recipe with a few variations. I added 1/2 cup flour, chilled the dough, rolled it to 1/8" and cut shapes with cookie cutters.

 Gingersnap Mouse Cookie by Nina's Show & Tell

 Gingersnap Snail Cookie by Nina's Show & Tell
I love the simplicity of these cookies.

Pogens Inspired Gingersnap Heart Cookies
These are even simpler! It was nice to take a break from fancy decorated cookies.

Pogens Inspired Gingersnap Scalloped Cookies
This project was a yummy trip down memory lane, and the results were very close to the cookies I remember.

Thanks to a fellow blogger, I was able to track down this Pogens brochureI'd love to find a photo of the original cookies!

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